Thursday, September 02, 2004 Life | "Mom, what are asses of evil?" Life | "Mom, what are asses of evil?": "'Mom, what are asses of evil?'
Protesters have taken over my Manhattan neighborhood. But how do I explain their signs -- let alone the dismal state of the world -- to my 9-year-old son?
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By Ellen Neuborne

Sept. 2, 2004 | I expected the Republican National Convention to provide some teachable moments for my 9-year-old son -- especially since we live in Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan. But I didn�t anticipate that it would teach him some new words.
Earlier this week in Union Square -- ground zero for many of the protest groups -- I stopped to buy a T-shirt that depicted President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The caption read 'Axis of Evil.'
'Do you want 'Axis of Evil' or 'Asses of Evil'? We have both,' the young vendor asked as I handed her my $10, gesturing to the two options. My son began to giggle. 'I'll take the 'axis,'' I muttered, hurrying him away. He chuckled for blocks.
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Lets just throw little pieces of poopy for our children to wallow in. Is this really what children need a little giggle over some ad-hominum attack on civil leaders - why not give him a beer and watch Sex in the City with him tonight? I love my babies and if some pee-wacker is mobing on my street I will call the cops and complain. Then take a picture and try to get some lawyer to get me some money from the parent mob what ever it is - jerks who don't care about anyone elses lifestyle but thier own. What hypocracy what filth and ecrement are we to endure? (help me get the back of my hand off my forehead, there thanks)


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