Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Christian Flash mob

The Globe and Mail The Black Bloc has nothing on the Black robed monastics of the Holy Land. They will put the Shou-lin Christian style on yo ace. This is news - but when the shites kill the sunnis it is just BAU.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Daily Kos

Daily KosRather, rather admited it was something not to be trusted. Like this blog MOOOOOO HA HA HA. he laughed cyncally rubbing his fat greasy hands together then smoothint back the three strands of hair left on his head.

Michael Moore.com : Mike's Message : Messages

Michael Moore.com : Mike's Message : Messages key phrase: "They are all over the map like diarrhea"
Mike is so very good. This is all true actually except the part about Kerry winning, it will be Kerry "will whine in the end". Mike will loose because he is in a fictional world and Bush and his team are in the real world. What ever that means - I think there is a whole Metaphysical wierd kinda phlisofmorific kind of thing he has going on, where Mike forms sentance like avacado dip he mashes words with a fork and sprinkles lemon juice on them. It is the same as his films. I would like to say woooooo hooooo this was really funny.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Democrats accused of ripping Bush signs - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - September 17, 2004

Democrats accused of ripping Bush signs - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - September 17, 2004 This was really sad but as a father I would think twice before exposing myself to a genocidal flash mob. Even without thier machetes the effect can be traumatic.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

FactCheck.org Swift Boat Veterans Anti-Kerry Ad: "He Betrayed Us" With 1971 Anti-War Testimony

FactCheck.org Swift Boat Veterans Anti-Kerry Ad: "He Betrayed Us" With 1971 Anti-War Testimony I can see how the Vets would want thier legacy protected. It is a fact that the US in Vietnam did far more good than the evil the Veit Cong and the NVA did in the end - the wanton killing from Cambodia to the sand bar villages in the delta, the legacy of the US military pullout is hanging on my doors - the screen doors I bought at Lowes were made in Vietnam. If our nation had just stuck with it that country would be making Motherboards and providing us with technology advancements being a positive influence rather than the rotting corpse aborted spawn of a socialist wet dream. I think JFK did a lot of harm that day in the Senate regardless of the fact that what he said was only rarely true.

It is like blaming people who support laws that would regulate elective surgery for the harm done by the hapless who try to give themselves tatoos or abortions.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Onion | 2004 Election Guide | Nation's Liberals Suffering From Outrage Fatigue

Monday, September 13, 2004

Racist - racy race baiting

My Way NewsHypocrite - he is trying to scare the Black Man with the White Man - racist scum

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Flash mob in Beslan, Russia

I did not want to write anything else about this other than to say.- "We are who we worship". You can tell that I occasionally get a little cheeky. But let us not forget that we are who we worship. If I get up and really worship God, turn my will and my life over to Him, my life gets better and people arround me see me as peaceful and want to know me want to believe how I do. I am a terrible Christian I know, I want to worship God the creator not this created world....

The Scotsman - International - California dreaming of a Kerry victory

The Scotsman - International - California dreaming of a Kerry victory: "FRASER NELSON" This guy smoked way to much pot in Vietnam

"Labels are put on each side: the "metro" like to sip caffe lattes, have gay friends, and are deeply suspicious of big companies and favour higher tax and oppose the Iraq war.

This is, broadly speaking, the "liberal" camp, which most of Europe would fit into. The flip side are dubbed "retro", or conservatives. They emphasise family values, are suspicious of government meddling, are fiercely protective of their rights to bear arms and are usually Christian. ""

I do not know were this comes from? he is just way out there. This reads like some sort of fantasy novel.

Michael Whore pulls his pants for Kerry

Why I Will Not Seek a Best Documentary Oscar (I'm giving it up in the hopes more voters can see "Fahrenheit 9/11")
What a hypocrite, he is bending over for the Democratic Party. The War Party, lets get Kerry in there to really bloody our hands.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Things getting sticky for owner of sticker

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah Derek looks like he could stay strong. He does not have his machete which is good considering the Secret Service was at his house. However he does do a good job of looking mean.

CNN.com - Kerry says Bush 'unfit to lead this nation' - Sep 3, 2004

CNN.com - Kerry says Bush 'unfit to lead this nation' - Sep 3, 2004 I suppose he will have to change this position if Bush wins the election. Why does this not surprise me? If he really feels this way he should bring charges up in the Senate. But then I am not really sure what he thinks really I am just not smart enough to figure JFK out.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Defame Johnny Cash!

Defend Johnny Cash! You know Cash was never ever fond of this picture I know I would not be and I try to think like that occasionally - how would this make someone else feel? Will this make the world a better or more confusing and unpleasent place? Hmmmm. The men and women of this mob must be very happy that they helped ruin a good thing. I bet they all patted each other on the back and said wow we made those people feel upset and uncomfortable - Gee I hope they understood why they did that because even after I read the web site I still have no idea but then I am not that smart so I give them some credit.

Man In Black Blac / Johnny Cash Defense for the RNC :: Campus Activism

Man In Black Blac / Johnny Cash Defense for the RNC :: Campus Activism Johnny Cash would think these idiots were idiots. It is true.., I have listened to enough Johnny Cash in my life to know that. Also the Man was a Christian, these idiots are heathuns as well as idiots. What I mean by idiot is someone that don't know his ass from a frying pan when it comes to fire.

Johnny was a Godly man a man of God and he would never condone the kind of rudness that this group of idiots displayed. Why I may loose my own religion and say something untoward.

May God Bles and keep the loving soul of John Cash in eternal rest, a place of green grass and wake him to recieve the gift of eternal life. Amen.

FOXNews.com - You Decide 2004 - Delegates Call Filmmaker Moore a 'Fat Pig'

FOXNews.com - You Decide 2004 - Delegates Call Filmmaker Moore a 'Fat Pig' "fattyfatfat, Fatty McFatperson Three-Big-Macs Corpulent Sack of Fat." . Ho yayus that man be phaat. Even when I was liberal in college I thought he was really to much of a good thing - you know like he really was trying to hard to make his point. Not that I ever really got the point. While Micheal Morons fat is on the out side of his body - mine is in my head were my brain should be... I guess.

Without machetes nothing much will happen

Press Action ::: Why You Should NOT Protest the RNC: "The Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers is an anti-capitalist, anti-racist student insurgent group based at Columbia University. For more information, contact ceodeath99@yahoo.com. "

She is right in her assertion I think - that really there is not much being done in New York because there is really nothing more than mob violence and people who like to walk with large signs getting exercise. Now if they had machetes well we could get on with changing peoples minds to the proper way of thinking.

She needed to go to Haiti where the mob has power. But then she would need to speak French which is a hateful language. - French is a stupid language full of pronouns that go no where and fifty ways to discribe raw meat but none at all to ask for directions in - at least none of the ones I used ever worked.

Salon.com Life | "Mom, what are asses of evil?"

Salon.com Life | "Mom, what are asses of evil?": "'Mom, what are asses of evil?'
Protesters have taken over my Manhattan neighborhood. But how do I explain their signs -- let alone the dismal state of the world -- to my 9-year-old son?
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Ellen Neuborne

Sept. 2, 2004 | I expected the Republican National Convention to provide some teachable moments for my 9-year-old son -- especially since we live in Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan. But I didn�t anticipate that it would teach him some new words.
Earlier this week in Union Square -- ground zero for many of the protest groups -- I stopped to buy a T-shirt that depicted President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The caption read 'Axis of Evil.'
'Do you want 'Axis of Evil' or 'Asses of Evil'? We have both,' the young vendor asked as I handed her my $10, gesturing to the two options. My son began to giggle. 'I'll take the 'axis,'' I muttered, hurrying him away. He chuckled for blocks.
- - - - - - - - - - - -"

Lets just throw little pieces of poopy for our children to wallow in. Is this really what children need a little giggle over some ad-hominum attack on civil leaders - why not give him a beer and watch Sex in the City with him tonight? I love my babies and if some pee-wacker is mobing on my street I will call the cops and complain. Then take a picture and try to get some lawyer to get me some money from the parent mob what ever it is - jerks who don't care about anyone elses lifestyle but thier own. What hypocracy what filth and ecrement are we to endure? (help me get the back of my hand off my forehead, there thanks)

AIDS activists disrupt gathering of GOP youths - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - September 02, 2004

AIDS activists disrupt gathering of GOP youths - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - September 02, 2004 It is all about forcing the mobs will on another group. Sounds pretty rough but I will say that the kids there did not ask to be asaulted or thought much of the people that asulted them. Go get a life Ms. AIDS activist if you need atention get an email address.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Is he not so cool. Too bad they took his machete. Stay Strong Will.. Posted by Hello

The protesters chanted, "Let him go. Let him go," but did not react violently or aggressively and soon returned to the peaceful rally. As the young man was placed in the paddy wagon, a friend called out "Stay strong, Will." Hearing this, a stocky policeman responded mockingly in falsetto, "Stay strong, Will. Stay strong, Will."

Actress Rosario Dawson Arrested at Anti-Bush March

Entertainment: People Article | Reuters.com She had a mask on, she forgot her machete. I am sure that her job as an actress makes her feel better about being arrested. She will be able to play a serial killer, or a prostitute with more feeling and reality. Stay strong Will